Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here we go!

Blog, we meet at last! I have been debating starting a blog for our Ministry for sometime now. I've heard how helpful it can be for awareness these days, so I decided to finally give it a whirl! As many of you may know, we started a Ministry at our church recently called "A Home for Every Child." We promote adoption and fostering, offer awareness info sessions, and are planning on having support groups, an international adoption fund, provide assistance to neighbouring churches in starting up their own adoption ministry, and many more avenues to help the call of the orphan. I will get into everything we do and want to do in later posts, but wanted to start somewhere.

Why have I decided to blog this? First of all, I want there to be a place where people can go to find out more about the adoption ministry. I'm not sure I should even be calling it an adoption ministry, because it is going to be so much more than that! It is going to be about adoption of course, but also fostering, sponsoring children, orphanages, and in general, orphans! While many of the children I refer to may still have parents out there, what they don't have, is a home. Our goal is to see every child find a loving, caring, and PERMANENT home!

James 1:27 says this “Pure and undefiled religion is this; to care for the widow and orphan.” We want to embrace this challenge, and along the way break down the barriers, fears, and lack of information that may be preventing others from doing the same. Not only am I going to give up-to-date information about our ministry and what we are doing, but I am going to offer resources and links, for others looking to get involved in any of these avenues as well, especially adoption. When starting to look into the vast world of adoption it can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why I would like a place where people can go to find out more. I am also going to share our personal journey as well, for people to see and understand some of the challenges, as well as blessings, of the adoption process. We are currently in the midst of adopting our 4th child, our foster daughter who has lived with us since birth, and are also starting the process to adopt a 5th child through international adoption. I hope this blog finds its way into the hands of people looking for answers, or encourages others that it is so much easier that many may think. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and stay tuned for much more to come!!!!


  1. Hi. My sister recently passed away and left 4 wonderful kids. I have been looking after 2 of them since she passed 5 months ago, but I'm afraid I won't be able to support them financially on my own. I have made countless calls to all levels of government, and only get told "it's not our responsibility." Is there some body out there that can help us stay together as a family and help these 2 children grow to be honest respectful individuals with community morals. Help me please.

  2. Hi! I would love to chat with you more on this, please email me at Thanks!