Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Help change the face of International Adoption!

If you read my previous post "Are Politics Preventing Adoptions,", you'll know that adopting is no longer as simple as once thought. While finding people interested in adopting is a huge hurdle, finding countries to work with is often just as challenging. Each year country's wait lists grow and foreign countries close themselves to international adoption. A new wave has started and it is time to tackle this problem from a new angle. We need to not only change the laws, regulations and process's of our own Country, but of the entire world. To find out more on this initiative please watch the two following video's I just came across and check out the link to "Both Ends Burning," the leaders in this initiative. I thouroughly encourage you to  sign their petition they will be taking to the UN, demanding a new system. Finally, I encourage you to take it to the next level, and post the petition in facebook, through e-mail, or word of mouth, and encourage your own friends and family to sign the petition as well. Together we can all accomplish huge things! Today I have made the decision to take a stand and be one small part of a greater movement. Won't you join me?

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