Friday, July 8, 2011

July Spotlight

(Currently available for adoption)


Birth Date: August, 1998


Birth Date: September, 2000


Birth Date: March, 2002
Ethno-Cultural Background: European/Caucasian, Scottish
If you are sporty, energetic, and in search of an instant family, these three boys will most certainly fill your home with love and activity! Meet Jack, Jarrett and Madison, three siblings who share a talent for athletics and a desire to settle into a forever family.
Jack, the eldest of the three, is described as likeable, intelligent, and always eager to lend a hand. In fact Jack often took on the role of caretaker for his younger brothers in their biological family, where they experienced significant neglect. Jack has learned to let his foster parents take over the adult responsibilities which has freed him up to pursue his interests in team sports and art. Drawing is a favourite pastime, for which Jack has quite a knack! He plays football on a community team and follows hockey with great interest, watching games and keeping statistics. He also enjoys swimming, snowboarding, basketball, bike riding – you name it! He is a ‘regular’ in the local street hockey games and has a number of friends in the neighbourhood whom he enjoys playing with.
Jarrett sounds just like his older brother! He excels in both gym and art at school, plays football and is an avid fan of hockey. Social and engaging, Jarrett gets along well with kids at school and in the neighbourhood. He does well academically and does not show many signs of having been effected by prental exposure to drugs. Jarrett describes himself as ‘athletic and handsome’, and is described by others as ‘polite, imaginative, easygoing, and funny’. His skin is sensitive and can be prone to infection, but otherwise his health is good and allows him to pursue his many interests in sports such as soccer, swimming and snowboarding.
Madison may be the youngest but he has not been left behind in terms of athletic talent! The star player on his community football team, Madison’s superior skills don’t get in the way of him being a team player. Indeed, he is charming, chatty and eager to be involved in social activities. He also enjoys annoying his older siblings, a rite of passage for any younger brother! Madison is very active with high energy. He takes medication for ADHD and has a mild speech impediment, but does well overall in school. He was exposed to drugs prentally and possibly alcohol, but despite these setbacks, Madison has remained a positive and affectionate child with many appealing qualities.
Anyone would agree these three lovely boys deserve another chance at having a permanent family to call their own. As you could have guessed, an active, two parent family with lots of energy and an interest in sports would be ideal. Having an involved Dad would also serve as a great role model and would be very healing for the boys. Other children and pets in the home would be welcome. Openness with the previously adopted siblings, the foster family, and some contact with birth parents is expected.

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  1. hey been reading your story
    iam a foster kid and i found out iam pregnat i been praying and asking god what he wantsme to iam in the process of addopition been looken foe a christian agince or a christian home cuz i iam not old nove to give her the tings she needs u r so encourging i know iam doing the right thing