Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our first fundraiser!

We did it! We had our first ministry fundraiser! Our plan this year was to start an annual Christmas Carnival Fundraiser to raise money for Abba Canada. It took a lot of planning and hard work but I would partucularly like to thank naomi Stajcer, Lareina Guiel and Shelly Richards who all made the Carnival what it was. We had a few bumps a long the way but God provided throughout the entire process. We rented a bunch of out items, including the bouncy castles, from Angel's Events, and paid for everything through sponsorships. Near the end, however, we could not find a last sponsor for one of the bouncy castles. Angel's Events graciously donated the rental, as well as some popcorn and cotton candy for the event. Finally, the married couple who own the company, along with their two kids, donated their time on the day of the event. We couldn't have been more blesssed! While we did not have as many people as we had hoped, we learned so much this year to make next year and consecutive years a huge hit! In the end we managed to raise $3,426.96 for Abba Canada, which we are very excited about! Thank you so much to everyone who came out and helped make the Carnival so much fun, and the many volunteers, we couldn't have done it without you all!

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