Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coming Together in Christ - For Charlotte!

Hi everyone! recently it has coming to my attention on the no greater joy mom blog that there is a family desperate for financial help! They are currently in the process of adopting a beautiful three year old girl with down syndrome from Eastern Europe. They leave in only 6 days, yet are still in need of thousands more! Adopting is challenging, and finances are definitely one of the biggest hurdles. I know if we come together as Christians to help support one another, we can achieve such great things and help children find their forever home! Please go and look at their blog, they have an online chip-in option on the right hand side. You can also read up on their journey and see such sweet pictures of their darling daughter!! Once you have donated you can also go and post on the no greater joy mom blog that you donated and be entered to win a $250 gift card!! Thanks for looking everyone, remember, one child at a time!

For more information on the adoption of Charlotte check out their blog here!

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  1. Well said Amanda! Doesn't matter how old we are we still want acceptance!